"Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars."
Norman Vincent Peale
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Apogee Labs was started as a result of a systems engineer realizing he has ambitions to be a farmer. However, there isn't an easy or clearly economically viable path for breaking into this industry. Most methods required lots of capital or unconventional access to resources, specifically family relationships. After researching for several years, William Chandler has been able to determine a way to realize his passion. Sustainable urban permaculture. By growing seasonal local crops on a small scale it is possible to quickly and diversely adapt to markets and demands and produce at a profit.

Shortly after realizing this possibile change in careers William started to dream. We all need ambitions in life. What ambition does a farmer have? How about growing on Mars? By challenging himself to what may be an impossible goal, it has set expectations on what should be achievable. Several prestigious figures are advocating for the colonization of Mars in the near future. Somebody will be farming and providing food for these people. Why not William?

I don't know I've left this piece in here. My moral compass is what guides me. These are a few of them.

Farmer First

We cater to the farmer first. We will never "lock" them into a single solution.

Open Source

Our code and products are wholly accessible to maintain trust and integrity.

Community Driven

At the end of the day we want to feed the people of the world. With food and sustainable lifestyles.


Areas of research and interest. Click to read more.

Greenhouse Design

Construction and Infrastructure

Systems Automation

Systems Engineering


Software Development

Plant Tracking

Inventory Management

Community Outreach

Education and Videography

Farming Operations



Software Development

Market Analysis

Big Data, Machine Learning




It won't be easy or quick but here's the projected timeline:

  • 2013-2016


    I always knew I wanted to be a farmer ever since graduating with a Bachelor's Degree. I just didn't know how to get there. Now I do.

  • January 2018


    Various forms of produce were evaluated for their viability and potential to be grown commercially.

  • March 2018


    Small scale, hobby grade farming and gardening will validate the initial core set of crops and growing methods.

  • July 2018


    Farming operations will scale to a commercial level.

  • October 2018


    Initial systems will provide supplemental income and facilitate an additional $10,000 in income for the year.

  • January 2019


    Once all initial systems are online and validated through an initial year of operation, services will be offered to others.

  • Can You
    My Dream?


The Systems Engineer turned farmer.



William Chandler




This is a solo operation. The above support is invaluable.


Get in touch. I love talking about this stuff!